Your first test

You can use Pandora alone or use it with Yandex.Tank [2] as a test runner and Overload [1] as a result viewer. In the second case Pandora’s configuration is the same, but you will embed it into Yandex.Tank’s config.

Config file

Pandora supports config files in YAML [3] format. Create a new file named load.yaml and add following lines in your favourite editor:

  - id: HTTP pool                    # pool name (for your choice)
      type: http                     # gun type
      target:         # gun target
      type: uri                      # ammo format
      file: ./ammo.uri               # ammo File
      type: phout                    # report format (phout is compatible with Yandex.Tank)
      destination: ./phout.log       # report file name

    rps:                             # shooting schedule
      type: line                     # linear growth
      from: 1                        # from 1 response per second
      to: 5                          # to 5 responses per second
      duration: 60s                  # for 60 seconds

    startup:                         # instances startup schedule
      type: once                     # start 10 instances
      times: 10



Run your tests:

pandora load.yaml

The results are in phout.log. Use Yandex.Tank [2] and Overload [1] to plot them.